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    Fax:+86 754 82510676

    QQ: 3223975743


    Complaint Tel:13502767555   Contact Person: Mr.Ou

    Address:Southern Building No.3, JingHuang Bei Road,

    Shantou City, Guangdong Province,China


    D89-90g Vegetable Dish

    D89-140g Vegetable Dish

    D89-190g Vegetable Dish

    D100-155g Vegetable Box

    D100-230g Vegetable Box

    D100-250g Vegetable Dish

    D114×73-155g Rectangle Box

    D114×73-230g Rectangle Box No.1

    D114×73-230g Rectangle Box No.2

    D114×73-230g Rectangle Box No.3

    異形115×83-155g Oval Box

    D115×83-230g Oval Box

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